Eddy Current Testing Level 1 & 2

  • 80 Hours Classroom training following ASNT standard Outline for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. SNT-TC-1A recommended practice

  • Courses are offered online and can be studied and reviewed at the student’s convenience and/or pace whenever most convenient to the student (evenings/lunch/weekends/etc.)

  • Lessons are setup in individual chapters and subchapters to help in the learning process making it easier to stop when convenient and review or proceed at the student’s speed

Course Includes:
Digital Content
Written Text
Real world examples
Online textbook included with course
Course Outline:
Introduction History & Basic Principals of Electromagnetic Testing
Electromagnetic Techniques and Magnetic Flux Leakage
Electromagnetic Theory I-III
Electromagnetic Instrumentation, Sensing Elements
Magnetic Flux Sensing Elements
Conductivity Coil Impedance and Coupling
AC Field Measurement and Remote Testing
Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing and Application
Interpretation of Indications
Eddy Current Test Systems, Analysis, Frequency Selection
Eddy Current Testing Applications, and Capabilities
Surface Inspection Level 1 and Level 2
Hole and Coil Fasteners Inspection
Secondary Layer, Material and Coating Thickness,
Automated Systems, and Semi Automatic, Conductivity
Trouble Shooting Guide, Scanning Techniques,
Reference Standards and Calibration
Definition and Terms
Testing Includes:
Exams –
Written General, Level I and Level II
Written Specific, Level I and Level II
Price $3,600.00

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