Tired of logging your NDT hours by hand?

Here's the solution!

Introducing the NDT Work Log App!

NDT Work Log, the modern approach to tracking work experience hours that follows NDT requirements for certification. Track, log, and download reports of your NDT work experience hours with your phone.

NDT Work Log replaces the time consuming process of writing down all of your work experience hours into a paper logbook with an easy to use mobile phone app. Almost everyone always has their phone on or around them, so for those pursuing a career in non-destructive testing, why carry around a booklet with hand-written training hours when you can store it all in your phone instead?

NDT Work Log solves that.

The NDT Work Log app is a utility application that makes keeping up with hours as convenient as ever. With a few taps, a technician can make a work log entry in seconds for 11 different NDT methods. That entry can be made as thorough as desired with options to include pictures, work order numbers, part numbers, and any extra notes for reference. The app then adds up all of the total hours in each method and then compares it to the requirements for certification recommended by The American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s (ASNT) Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A. NDT Work Log lists the hours required for certification for a specific NDT method, how many hours that have been completed by the technician, and how many hours remain as job entries and work hours are entered into the log. This information can be shared through email to supervisors, employers, or the technician with options to create reports in Excel Spreadsheet, PDF, and Text File formats.


  • Easy and intuitive interface

  • Choose from 11 NDT methods

  • Make entries as thorough as you like

  • Automatically adds total hours to show your progress

  • Create reports in PDF, .txt, and Excel formats that can be sent through email

IARC Certificates

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