Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 & 2

  • Basic course to Ultrasonic Testing (UT) covering basic principles, theory, history,
    ultrasonic systems, materials, techniques and inspections.

  • 80 Hours of Classroom training following ASNT standard outline for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel. SNT-TC-1A recommended practice & NAS-410 standard practice.

  • Courses are offered online and can be studied and reviewed at the student’s
    convenience and/or pace at any time.

  • Lessons are set up in individual chapters and subchapters to help in the learning process, making it easier to take a break to retain the material, or take care of life’s problems. Pick it back up whenever you want!
Course Includes:
Digital Content
Written Text
Real world examples
Course Outline:
Level 1
Introduction to Ultrasonics History
Applications of Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonics Basics
Qualification and Certification
Principles of Acoustics
Modes of Sound Wave Generation
Comparison of Wave Modes
Sound Reflection
Critical Angles
Calculation of Critical Angles
Ultrasonic Equipment
Ultrasonic Equipment Operation
Reference Standard
Calibration of Semiautomatic and Automatic Systems
Ultrasonic Transducer Theory
Types of Transducers
Level 2
Review of Ultrasonics
Ultrasonic Testing Systems
Acoustic Coupling
Material Testing
Equipment Calibration
Evaluation of Base Materials
Manufacturing Discontinuities
Manufacturing Processes and  Types of Discontinuities
Ultrasonic Testing Applications
Uses of Ultrasonic Testing
Crack Detection
Phased Array
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
Guided Wave Method
Evaluation Standards
Use of Standards and Codes
Evaluation of Indications
Testing Includes:
Exams –
Written General, Level I and Level II
Written Specific, Level I and Level II
Course Learning Outcomes:
Level I
Define Ultrasonics
Explain the history of Ultrasonic Testing
Describe different types of inspections conducted with Ultrasonic Testing
Describe how the different characteristics of sound and materials can affect an inspection
Explain the difference between qualification and certification for an NDT Level II inspector
Describe how sound behaves and how properties of different materials affect it
List and describe the means of sound wave propagation
Compare the different modes of sound wave propagation and their characteristics
Explain how reflection is used in Ultrasonic Testing
Describe the function of Snell’s  Law and Explain why it is important in Ultrasonic Testing
Calculate the first and second critical angles for use in angle beam inspections
Describe some of the equipment widely used in Ultrasonic Testing
Explain the operation of some of the equipment widely used in Ultrasonic Testing
Describe some of the reference standards used in Ultrasonic Testing
Explain how to calibrate different Ultrasonic Testing equipment for use in multiple tasks
Explain the function of transducers and their characteristics
Describe the different types of transducers and their applications
Describe the different techniques employed in Ultrasonic Testing
Level II
Recall the basic principles of Ultrasonic Testing
Compare the different types of Ultrasonic Testing equipment and their components
Compare the different types of acoustic coupling and their applications
Describe different tests performed during Ultrasonic Testing and when they are applicable
Demonstrate how to perform calibration on Ultrasonic Testing equipment
Demonstrate how to evaluate different base materials
Identify different types of discontinuities commonly found with Ultrasonic Testing
Identify manufacturing processes and they types of discontinuities that result from them
Explain when Ultrasonic Testing is used in the manufacturing process
Demonstrate how to detect discontinuities on different types of materials
Identify crack discontinuities on various types of materials and surfaces
Describe Phased Array and its applications
Describe Time of Flight Diffraction and its applications
Describe the Guided Wave Method and its applications
Explain why the use of written standards is important in Ultrasonic Testing
Evaluate different types of indications using multiple Ultrasonic Testing techniques
Troubleshoot common problems that occur when conducting an inspection
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